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Sanity's Departure

Record of peoples randomness and insanity during the project.

The Middle mouse button rocks!!! It breaks everything!

Warning! Do not pick up a scroll bar object from a window frame, rotate it 180 degrees, proceed to reattach it to the frame it was once apart of.
This makes Squeak re-evaluate its own existence... Which needless to say fucks you and your computer into a word of 10 minute lagged response time of omg what the hell is happening!!!

Blob Morphs Rock!!

Squeak has a Free Cell morph object... why.

Hooray playing on IRC alone at 6 AM. I have no life

OMG you can't type asterisks into the coweb without it going nuts. WTF

Mostafa: op me!
— Mostafa is now known as MoFro
Jheinka: why?
MoFro: cuz!
Jheinka: captain disconnects every 5 seconds
MoFro: i've been restarting my computer
Jheinka: why do you want op?
Jheinka: do you have any real reason?
MoFro: because I want to be able to kick you!

Avoid hitting [Ctrl] + Z in your code at all costs!
It officially rewrites all your code in the stupidest format EVER.
1) It changes all your instance variable names to t# format.
2) It removes all your comments and documentation from the code.
3) It removes all blank lines from the code.

This is Officially the worst hot-key IN ALL EXISTENCE!!!

And Alice explodes on my screen. I'm still shaking...

10/28/2004: 285

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