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Current Assignments

Reference of current assignments and who is responsible.
When an item is completed remove it from your name here and add it to the completed assignments section.

If you finish what you have listed here, find something else to work on or help with, don't just sit back and let everyone else do the rest of the project for you.

Improve rendering display (select models for all actor object types, and scale things better).
New (object) and edit (object) system (basically an extension on current "New Person", etc. buttons).
Make ability for a Person to leave a building and go to a new building.
hate other team members COMPLETE!

More Random stimuli for the game. (EventGenerator has a clearer layout now)
In the Person :: updateToPeopleInRoom method, Create more "Attribute to factor relationships" (ONLY this section of the method needs to be altered for expansion).

Variance in desires needs to actually VARY. (i.e. factors diminishing over time not same for everyone)
Automatic movement to another room needs to vary b/w movements and the timer reset properly if that person is interacted with.

Make save and load button allow user to select filename to save to or load from (something like the way a user enters the name of a New Person).
Make "New Building" and "New Room" buttons (add after other "New ~" buttons).
Help Jheinka with New (object) and edit (object) system.

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