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Meeting Notes

The minutes of all our meetings for member reference.

Friday, October 29, 4:00pm @ PKT House
Made sure members understood tasks at hand.
General help with new functionality ideas.
Simple Use-case diagrams done.

Monday, October 25, 4:00pm @ PKT House
Acknowledgement of tasks required for each person.
Short time left for this milestone.
Get started working on assignments now.

Wednesday, October 20, 4:00pm @ PKT House
Finished up design ideas for game.
Corrected some of the initial design ideas.
Reviewed all diagrams, scenarios, and plans.
Decided each member's roles in the project.

Tuesday, October 12, 4:30pm @ PKT House
Finalized M4 design.
Discussed interface design and layout.
Grid-layout for world map under evaluation.
Notion of iconic representation for people/item interactions.
Scenarios to be finished by end of night.
Sequence Diagrams to be finished and uploaded on CVS.
CRC cards still to be done.

Thursday, October 7, 4:30pm @ PKT
Reviewed M3 design requirements for M4.
Decided on necessary objects for requirements and preliminary dependencies of these objects.
Discussed interface display ideas.
Decided on individual tasks for M3.
Future Coding Standard Discussed: All Modifiers must check input type. ( {input} isKindOf {Object} ifFalse: [self error: 'input should be of type {Object}]. )

Thursday, September 23, 4:30pm @ PKT
Reviewed updates in UML and made a few additions or corrections.
Went over requirements for turnin.
Code Assignments were acknowledged and gone over briefly.
Coding standards gone over briefly.
Reminder that power outtage = no swiki + no CVS.

Sunday, September 19, 5:00pm @ PKT
CVS and IRC channel established and in use.
Scenarios finished.
CRC cards finished.
M2 UML class diagram finished.
Digital UML version to be uploaded to CVS by Monday.
Code assignments to be assigned and started by Tuesday after the test.

Friday, September 17, 4:00pm @ PKT
Jheinka has created nifty sections on the team page.
Initial ground rules established for the group.
Matt is setting up CVS.
IRC channel will be established soon.
We will use Microsoft Visio for all UML.
Using Jheinka's M1 code with minor alterations.
M2 Scenarios Written.

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