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Fall2004 Midterm Review: CRC

1) CRC Cards - Glorified Notecards containing useful information. CRC stands for Class Responsibility Collaboration. They are useful in defining the responsibility of each class that you define. Tey were invented by Ward Cunningham and Kent Beck. They show how classes interact with one another. They are useful because they're concrete (i.e. physical)and can be shared in groups. In addition, they are worth at least 10% of Milestone 2.

2) CRC are simply two columns – one for Responsibility and one for Collaborators. Across the top, you have a class name. Once the card is setup, you simply use them to explore how classes interact with one another while performing different scenarios. Usage of them normally involves playing with the cards as stated in the book. The scenarios are simply stories relating to the given design. For example, in class Clock, the responsibility of Updating Time is handled by the Collaborator Time.

i might add:
  1. Invent scenarios: What should these objects do?
  2. Play the cards:
    1. Lay down the card that starts the scenario
    2. Write down its responsibility
    3. Add collaborator objects to help with that responsibility
    4. Pick up cards as they leave the scenario

3) & 4) Do it on own.

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