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Fall2004 Midterm Review: History of Object Systems

1) The grandfather of paint and great grandfather of photoshop whose brother is Corel Draw. It is an object oriented graphics editor developed at MIT by Ivan Sutherland. The canvas was up to a 1/3 square mile with fancy features such as rubber band lines. It was more than pixel manipulation, you could create objects that could then have objects attached to it and further extend more objects (i.e. inheritance). So it was a pretty nifty thing.

not inheritance, per say, but it did inform the idea of inheritance that alan kay et al would develop in smalltalk. sketchpad had the notion of "master drawings that could produce instance drawings" see an early history of smalltalk -ellie

2) Simula was the predecessor to Simula-67, a greatly enhanced update to Simula, the predecessor to Smalltalk. It did not use objects, per se, it created activities and processes, which are comparable to classes and instances of the classes (objects).

Yes, Simula was the "predecessor" to Smalltalk in a way. It might be worth noting that Simula is missing features that would today be considered neccessary for OO, such as polymorphism. However, it is important for OO in that it introduced the concept of encapsulation. -ellie

3) Sketchpad - Ivan Sutherland of MIT
Simula - developed in Norway in the earlier 1960's - Kristen Nygaard & Ole-Johan Dahl
Smalltalk-72 - Alan Kay (who ported Simula to stuff), Dan Ingalls, Adele Goldberg, Ted Kaehler

4) Squeak is an implementation of Smalltalk built on Smalltalk-80 at Apple by Alan Kay, Dan Ingalls, Ted Kaehler, with new additions John Maloney and Scott Wallace.

they being Simula and Sketchpad changes the answer to something more like: Simula and Sketchpad created a foundation for "objects" which Alan Kay et al combined to create Smalltalk-ellie

5) C++, by Bjarne Stroustrup, and Smalltalk, both of which borrowed ideas from Simula, went into the mainstream. C++, the obviously more popular, pushed OO into the mainstream. Oak, developed at Sun by James Gosling, was renamed to Java and you remember that from 2335.

ah, but how did OO get into the mainstream?? Xerox PARC sent out samples [of Smalltalk] to HP, DEC, Apple, IBM, and Tektronix-ellie

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