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SimTech Suggestions

Here are the suggestions contributed to the discussion about M1 requirements:

There should be at least several types of characters: students, faculty and staff.

The students should have several characteristics and needs as per the classic management sim formula. As far as characteristics are concerned, they could have a name, and statistics, like "IQ" which would determine how well they would do in their classes, "Athletism" which would determine how well they do at sports, etc. These characteristics will be static throughout the lifetime of a student, and will only be there so that not all students are the same.

Each student should also have a set of dynamic needs and wants which would determine what a given student is trying to do at a given point in time. That could be things like "Happiness", "Fitness", "Academics", etc. Potentially, a generic "need", like the need to be happy, or fit, or do well in classes, could have several sub-needs which would influence the overall rating. For instance, to be happy, a student needs to be well-fed, have a clean restroom readily accessible at any place on campus, and he also doesn't want to see that huge hole in the ground next to the CoC, so each time he walks by it, he gets sad.

There should also be a fraternity status, such that if he is not part of one, girls would avoid him as part of their movement functions.

In addition, as part of the sim formula, should be their current major. CS majors could congregate near computing facilities whereas Management majors could congregate wherever trees need running into.

Also, adding dining choices could affect overall happiness. For example, Low Dining Hall food quality could affect the students' happiness adversely wheras multiple Starbucks' near computing facilities would increase overall happiness due to CS majors being able to avoid the Sun with the added caffeine.

Define a GT Parking character(s) that run around and tag cars parked in valid locations.

Give each character a stress-level if the "need" as listed above is not met then the stress level shall increase until such time as the character goes on a rampage or de-stresses.

Freshmen create nasty traffic buildups on walkways and streets. Help control the pet population by giving freshmen a "time-to-expire" variable. In addition, give each freshmen a timeout in case two or more males try to communicate to a female character at the same time.

As for gender, make it real by making the first GLBT friendly game.
Characters can be male/female and then also take on sexual prefences of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or none_of_the_above.

As for things, have random construction projects pop up on campus and forcing everyone to take the long/annoying routes between activities.

Another "thing" related item, have a bus with a bus driver character to model the GT Stinger. On a bad day, the bus driver stress variable will increase and they will drive around campus continuously without letting any of the sim characters on or off the bus.

And of course, the students should also have some sort of alertness level, where if they don't sleep for a couple days straight working on projects, their other characteristics suffer.

GTPD characters will keep track of time_till_last_siren. Today I witnessed a GTPD car racing to the scene of an incident. They looked happy to be using the siren for first time in a long while. I say we model this in the game with a trigger/interrupt_timer variable. The longer they go without a siren, the louder it is when it turns on.

Yes! The dude had the widest grin on while racing on, didn't he? It was great. But then his car jumped on that bump just between the CoC and Howey so high, that he immeiately slowed down and turned the siren off.

Personally I think the GTPD should go around pulling over students for rolling through stop signs at 4am instead of stopping all our cars from being broken into. Everytime they pull someone over, a homeless man should run by with a car radio in hand.

A LeBlanc "Surpreme Being" character who pops up now and then, as do the SimCity advisors, and gives random Squeek tips or advice on how the simulation could be optimized further.

Maybe sims could occasionally have concerts near the campanile such that the management majors get happier and everyone else curses at the noise preventing them from studying. Maybe even add an occasional comic book convention to help raise the CS majors' happiness.

Female characters will have a TBS multiplier based on their sorrority boolean value. If they belong to one, their TBS will increase to the point where no non-Greek male can approach her safely. Being a CS major is the only variable that will override sorrority/TBS combo. CS women will be approachable and friendly. I wonder if this is a requirement or a desire? :)

Include "senioritis" as a mood for a character. The closer they are to their "liberation" from MaTech, the happier and more wreckless they become.

Homeless characters wander around the edges of campus variously robbing and conning students.

So, we also have some Thing class in the requirements down at the bottom of this page. So I imagine the Thing class would represent all kinds of entities in the game, so it needs to be flexible. For instance, one type of "thing" that the students need is "School Supplies". So, for instance, students will need to buy things like paper, pens, a computer etc, in order to do well in their classes. Another type of thing would be "Books".

As well, there would be things that affect other characteristics of the students, like for instance they could buy a "Pizza" thing from the student center in order to satisfy their hunger, or they could buy a clothes "Thing" from the Target nearby campus to satisfy their "be attractive to the other sex" need.

Probably also, things like furniture, tables, beds, and such in the apartments or rooms of the students would need to be things, so really the Thing class should probably only include very few characteristics, such as the thing's coordinates, and maybe dimensions, because it represents so many different... things... that include a lot of characteristics in the base class would be useles... Well, maybe a Thing should also have a certain "Price" value, as all things in life have a price...

Instead of dividing the gameplay up by years, it's divided into semesters. Each Student could have a Schedule that determines which Buildings they visit, with the current Buildings determining which Classes and Majors are offered. Increasing the Majors offered will increase Enrollment and the Money that comes in each semester. Students' Happiness and Intelligence will affect their Grades, and some may drop out (low Happiness) or fail out (low Grades), thus reducing Enrollment. Students will have different Interests, and campus Facilities will increase Happiness depending on which student Interests they cater to. The player will be able to perform Polls to find out what kinds of Interests students have. Facilities will also generate some Money as they're used.

The box is here to provide a place for further suggestions when that becomes appropriate.

Keeping track of Happiness doesn't make much sense to me. I suggest Misery instead.

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