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Fall 2004 M6

Be Creative! You Are Now a Game Designer

It is now time for you to illustrate the operation of your game with multiple kinds of characters and a more places in the physical world. Some of these requirements may already be met by the demonstrations you have created for previous milestones. The requirements below are meant as minimums; you are welcome to go as far beyond them as you wish.


  1. You must extend your GUI to allow a player to expand the physical world in which the game occurs. This feature must include the capability to define buildings as well as rooms in buildings. You may either include a notion of outside spaces between buildings or simply have buildings adjacent to one another.
  2. Since the physical world can now be user-defined, you must include a way to save the state of the world. This feature should be independent of saving characters, so that saving and loading characters are separate operations than saving and loadind physical world configurations.
  3. You must illustrate the operation of your with a least 4 different kinds of characters and a minimum of 3 buildings, each of which must have multiple rooms. Different kinds of characters means that they should have different personalities, as definied by the factors that describe them and how they can change.
  4. (Optional)Implement a capability to allow multiple human players to interact with a shared game world. See the classes in the Morphic-Remote class category for tools to support this feature. You may also find "Nebraska" helpful (hint: Nebraska will not work if the squeak mouse with the eyes that follow your mouse around is open.)


A single zip file containing all your design documents should be turned in on the cs2340turnin coweb: This file should be submitted to the coweb before class (1:30) on December 2, 2004.

A demo is required for this milestone. Contact your TA to schedule a time.


Questions on Milestone 6

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