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Fall 2004 M5

Incorporate a Simulation Engine

This milestone requires you to add the capability for your game to evolve without active interaction by a human player. This is to be accomplished by the addition of a simulation feature as described below in the requirements section.


  1. You must add a notion of time to your game, which will allow the state of the game world to evolve without interaction. You may accomplish this in either of the following ways:
  2. So that some things will happen when the game is running in simulation mode, at least some of you characters must include time-based features. The simplest thing to do would be for characters to have a "desire" to move from one place to another after some amount of time goes by. The amount of time should not be the same for every character.
  3. Operation in simulation mode should also include some random stimuli to add a little more activity. Random means that you should use appropriate features of Squeak to generate randomly timed events.
  4. Your user interface must include a way for a human player to turn the simulaton mode on and off


A single zip file containing all your design documents should be turned in on the cs2340turnin coweb: This file should be submitted to the coweb by 6pm on Friday November 19, 2004.


Questions on Milestone 5

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