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Fall 2004 M4

Add a Graphical Representation and a Usable User Interface

It is now time for you to produce an interface that allows a user to see and interact with the characters and objects in your world. The style and implementation approach used is entirely up to your group, subject to the following requirements.


  1. You must provide a display of the physical world in which your game is taking place. Since the world may be too complex for a static display to be useful, the view presented should include a current room and some way to move the view to another room. This change of view might take place as a result of user action or when following a character to another location.
  2. Your GUI should support the provide a player with the following capabilities:
  3. You must provide a way to save and restore game states building on the features you implemented in previous milestones. Note that the state of a game must include some representation of the structure of the world in which the characters and objects exist. For now, that structure is static, but later on you will have to include the dynamic creation of buildings and rooms.

If you want to use wonderland then you can find objects to add to your 3-D world here: You might also find the Cases helpful from Fall 2003, Spring 2002, Fall 2001


A single zip file containing all your design documents should be turned in on the cs2340turnin coweb: This file should be submitted to the coweb before class (1:30) on November 2, 2004.


Questions on Milestone 4

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