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Fall 2004 M2

Enable Characters to Interact with the World

Forming Teams

For this milestone you will need to form a group of 3-4 students from within the class. You might find it helpful to read about Team Issues, particularly the Tips for working in groups. This group will be responsible together for milestones 2 through 6. Your first task for M2 is to form your group (use the Fall 2004 Team Formation Page to find members), and create a team entry on the Swiki in the Fall 2004 Team Declaration Page. You must declare a team no later than September 17. If you do not have a complete team by Spetember 17, then make sure you go to class on that Thursday, and we will try to facilitate your finding some partners. YOU MAY NOT DO THIS PROJECT ALONE (or in a 2 person group)!!

Look at the page on Code Management for suggestions on how to transfer files between team members.

You may reuse any code that you wrote for M1 if you feel it is useful. The only restriction is that the M1 code reused must have been written by one of the members of your group.


For M2 you will expand your game so that people can interact with other people and objects in the world. You will have more freedom in the way you implement this milestone (i.e. exact classes and methods will not be specified), you must simply meet the following requirements:

1) As a team, you will create scenarios that cover all of the major functionality of theis assignment (see About Scenarios) and CRC Cards to define your classes and the relationships between them. You will also perform object oriented design (OOD) and create a UML class diagram to reflect your analysis.

2) Currently you should have "Thing" and "Person" classes. For this milestone, you will need to continue to represent People and extend this model to represent Buildings, Rooms, Fixed Items (things that stay in a room), and Transportable Items (things that people can pick up, carry, and put down).

3) You will extend your person class so that an instance of a Person

4) Interactions:

5) Demonstration:
you must include with your turnin some easy way for your ta to see that your program meets all the requirements. this may be in the form of:
(basically i just want to make sure no one loses points because their ta couldn't read their minds to figure out how some particular function of the program works)

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