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Jen's Proposal

I have a proposal that I would like you to review. It is a
Guitar Assistant for Beginner Guitarists. That what it is called
for now. It may change . . . and so may the UI that I am posting
up here. I am putting it up here to help me explain it's functionality. I just started on it.

External Image

What happens is when you click on 'chords' a list of chords
pop up in the area below. You can click on one of the chords
and then in the right hand screen the chord will show up either
in tab notation or in string notation depending on what the user
wants. There will be something like a checkbox that the user
check to specify which notation he prefers.

Then when the user clicks on 'Tune', a list of different tunings
(ways you can tune your guitar)will show up below. Click on one
of those and on the right hand screen 6 clickable strings will
show up. When you click on one of the screens, the correct note
will be played so the guitarist can have an easy way to tune his/her

When the user clicks on 'help', this list will show up below.
Getting Started (just an overview of guitar basics)
Tab help
Tuning help

When the user clicks on one of these, either the help information
will show up in the right screen, or I will have a different window
pop up. Haven't decided yet.

If this gets accepted, I may not get it done by the first
week of finals which is okay, I just remembered I wanted
to do this last night and started on it. So I'll try to
finish it, if I don't then o well.

Well that's it.

Here is my project: GuitarAssistant

Jennifer Raccuglia

Comments or Questions here:

Very cool! Sounds like a lot more than just an Extra Credit project, but I'd accept it for that. If you want to take it further after this semester, think about doing a Senior Research project with me on it. For example, I've seen something in Squeak that could listen to you play and tell you what notes you played. Mark Guzdial

God Jen! That color scheme was awful! Jennifer Raccuglia
Are you talking to yourself again Jeni? Shaggz Mickley
I love it, its great.

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