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Questions on Fall 2004 M5

Could a TA please elaborate on this: "Implement a discrete event simulation capability, using the Simulation class available from SqueakMap."

I think they mean the Simulation.cs changeset. Too bad I didn't see that specification earlier, now I think we have to do some redesigning.

The spec seems to say you can either do that or a time step solution.

yes, that's right. you are not required to use the Simulation.cs classes. we simply think they might be helpful, but if they're not, thats ok. -ellie

From milestone 6: "This feature must include the capability to define buildings as well as rooms in buildings."
Can a TA please tell me what it means to define a building and room? Does that mean decide how big it is? What color it is? How many rooms there is? Or some other criteria?
This is important for me to understand how to code the simulation.

we're mostly worried about size & location relative to other objects. i.e. i make a building, then i get to put 4 rooms in it. or 1, or 5, or 10. and somehow i need to specify which rooms are next to eachother, and where the doors are. other options, like what color or image to display it as, might be cool, but they aren't strictly required.

Also: "You must illustrate the operation of your with a least 4 different kinds of characters and a minimum of 3 buildings, each of which must have multiple rooms."
Does that mean all I have to do is give the user enough room to make at least 3 buildings? Like can I set a limit to how many building the user can make?

you may set a limit, i am not going to spend the time to create 1,000 buildings for example. now, 3 seems low to me, but yes, it is the minimum requirement. -ellie

Do we have to show a person walking from one building to another? Or can we have them "teleport" to another building.

teleporting is ok. walking would be cool! -ellie

Is there a way to add an image to a buffer in squeak. So far the redrawing is very costly and its killing or game. If we cant find a way to buffer an image should we:
a: just let it run slow
b: just let it be ugly

i've seen many groups use images in their m4, without any noticable slowness. i've also seen lots of projects in the past full of images (e.g. see the Cases pages on the adventure game, many semesters ago, and the more recent slide show/photo album thing). how are you displaying your images? how often are you redrawing them? -ellie

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