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Fall 2004 Who's Who

This page lists pages for the people in the class. Please add a page for yourself. Click on "edit", add your name to the bottom of this list, with asterisks around it, then save the page. Click the "create" button to create your page, then edit it away!

Do be careful not to rename this page, and please don't lock the page, since it's a shared resource.

You might also check out Using this CoWeb if you haven't already.

Professor: Rich LeBlanc


Charles Anderson
Dannon Baker
Babak Banijamali
Chris Beauregard
Scott Betzel
Jeffrey Bidzos
William Culpepper
Michael Flournoy
Caleb Galeas
Topraj Gurung
Patrick Jarrett
Ryan Juang
Roshan Khan
Mark Lewis and his homepage
Andrew Lieffring
Joves Luo
Eric McCorkle, check out my project page
Mike Messa
Joel Miller
Sy Nguyen
Bill Phillips
Jason Sirichoke
Landon Sparks
Quoc Tran
Saxon Unrue
Missing Page
Salil Sethi
Adam Bernstein
Danielle Nagel
steve fennell
John Hannafin
Michelle Kitaoka
Jawwad Ahmad <- Everyone click here!
Shaun Whitt

RE: "Everyone after this line has only rudimentary understanding of the alphabet:"
Before making such comments, try reading the instructions on this page by utilizing the alphabet you claim to know. I bolded them for you. The statement "add your name to the bottom of this list" implies that this list is to be ordered by when you add yourself to the list, rather than alphabetically by last name. Now who's the one that has only rudimentary understanding of the alphabet, me or you?

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