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Fall 2004 Team Declaration Page

Edit this page to list the names of you team members, (along with preferred e-mail addresses, please). Teams must have 3 or 4 members. If you have only 3, you may include a note indicating whether you are looking for another team member. You are also encouraged to come up with a creative team name (see previous terms if you want examples) – what we have so far is pretty boring in comparision to what we have seen in the past!

If you do not have a team by Thursday Sept. 17, make sure you show up to class, and we will help you find partners. Any teams with only three members may also advertise in class on the 17th for a fourth.

Team Venture

Missing Page

Squeak Destroyers

Team #3: Pip Squeaks

Team #4: Team MOUSE (nobody clicks like us)

Team #5
Team name: OTIB OS

Team 6 - Harry Dunlop, Inc.

Team #Awesome
Team name: Wyld Stallyns

Team #8
Team name: Not yet determined

Team #9 (number nine... number nine... number nine...)
Team Name: TBA

Team #10
Team name:

Team #11
Team name: (TEAM AMERICA) 2 asians, 1 indian, and a mikie

Team #12
Team name: Nameless

Team #14
Team name: team #14

Team #15
Team name: SIX A.M.

Team # -17
Team Name: Anti-Robot Stealth Corp 7: The Reckoning ~Mechacidal Rage Remix~

Team #18
Team Name: TBD

Team # ?
Team name: I love sleep

Team #0.1
Team name: Greatest 2340 Team Ever

Team Last Minute

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