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Lab 9 Questions

Questions about Lab9 - Sp2000

What exactly are we supposed to turn in? Is the code all you want, or do you also want modified design documents?

At particular instances the stock ticker gives us two different values for the same stock. Which value are we supposed to use? Or are we supposed to take the average of the values?

Is a web based interface for Lab9 acceptable?

It would have made a heck of a lot more sense for the TAs to setup STS on some machine somewhere for the entire class. This would allow, of course, the web interface to work. This would also eliminate much of the necessary documentation/setup stuff to make sure our products interact with the appropriate ticker source. Can this still be done? Matthew Wolenetz

So, what's up with STS defaulting to port 227? It's understandable that it wouldn't be tested on anything but windows since Squeak is totally cross-platform, but it should really give an error when it fails rather than saying that it's started. Peter Jensen

Are we supposed to be able to add stocks to be monitered now. If so, do we only use the stocks that are in the hypothetical Stock Ticker you gave us?

How are we supposed to turn this in? cs2340@cc... rejected my submission, claiming that "L9" is invalid (I've !!'ed out my passwd):

Your submission was rejected for the following reason:

Invalid assignment (l9) specified in header.

Here is the subject line you specified:


It should adhere to the following format:


for example:


L9 turnin appears to be working this morning (Mon 4/17/2000)

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