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Fall 2004 Announcements

Links to Midterm Solutions

Midterm 1 Solutions
Midterm 2 Solutions

Extra Credit Opportunities

As is the custom in this course, extra credit is available for creating Cases based on high-quality milestome submissions. More details about expectations can be found on the Extra Credit page. Note that you definitely must do more than just upload the stuff you turned in for the milestone. A good discussion/analysis is required, too.

Other proposals for individual or group extra credit work are also welcomed. Please send me an e-mail to check them out, if you haven't talked to me already.

All extra credit work must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM on Sunday (12/5).

Rich LeBlanc

Final Presentation/Demos

Reminder: Your team can earn 1 point of extra credit by giving a final presentation of your project this week. You must sign up in advance here: Presentation Signup

Your presentation should be designed to include things that are unique and (hopefully) interesting about your work. At a minimum, it should include:

M4 deadline extended to Monday 11/8, M5 extended to Friday 11/19, both due at 6pm

The scheduled activity for our class period next Thursday (10/21) is the Design Roundtable. This is an opportunity for you to present your design ideas to the class, explain why you made your major design decisions, and get some feedback. All that is required is for your group to give a short presentation (about 5 minutes). You can use some of the diagrams you turn in for M3 as the visuals to support your presentations or you may prepare a few (very few!) PowerPoint slides.

The reward for participating in this exercise is 1 point of extra credit on the final grades of all group members. Go to this page Fall 2004 Design Roundtable to sign up in advance. If you create a PowerPoint file, please upload it to that page before class.

Rich LeBlanc

M3 deadline changed to Thursday, 10/21.

Since I was late in getting the milestone definitions done and grading on M2 is not yet finished, I was convinced in class today (10/12) to change the deadline for M3 to Thursday of next week (10/21). You should get you M2 grades in the next day or two. In the meantime, DON'T STOP WORKING! Rich LeBlanc

a word from the local acm:

In an effort to provide for the students that need more one-on-one time to learn the material, the GT ACM is sponsoring a free tutoring program. This provides a wonderful opportunity for the students to learn and also for the tutors themselves to acquire a more rigorous and in-depth understanding of the material.

Tutors are now available for 1050, 1371, 1322, 2110, 2200, and 2340.

For more information, please visit our (somewhat utilitarian) website at:

Quiz 3 Info
As the schedule page indicates, there is a quiz scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday, 10/6). Like the previous quized, you will be allowed to use books and notes during the quiz.
The quiz will be on something from the lectures on user interface programming. Be sure you understand the various ways that we built the versions of Clock. Rich LeBlanc

Due to the coweb server being down over the weekend, I am extending the deadline for M2 to be turned in until 6:00 PM on Wednesday. Rich LeBlanc

please note the addition of requirement 5 to milestone 2

don't forget to check out the Midterm 1 Review - Fall 2004.

Quiz 1 will be on Thursday, Sept 2 instead of Tuesday, August 31. Rich LeBlanc