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Lab9 - Sp2000

For this lab you are to work with your project group again and implement last week's design of a monitor for a StockTicker. Only one person in the group needs to turnin the code, but make sure the team name and the names of all the members is in class comment somewhere. The lab is due at the normal time of Monday by midnight. Also we would like for you to indicate how long it took you to do the coding portion of the assignment, and indicate how we are supposed to startup your code.

We will be providing you with a server that generates the data for the StockTicker. You will download this code and setup the server to run locally on your machine (just like we have to do when we grade your projects). Please do NOT modify the StockTicker. You may change the settings for the setup of the server, but that is all. Do NOT turnin code for the server. We have a copy of that that we will use. We only want the code that you create.

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