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Pear and Pineapple's Recipes for Success

So, it started off as nothing; we thought we would be done before we ever had a chance to really start. Braving through the horrors and transgressions of CS2335 we came into Squeak thinking it was going to be a very similar treatment. It wasn't the case; we had suffered through our initiation and made it into the clearing. The project was simple enough and everything we needed was at our disposal. But, we had to work in a was back to the basics.

First rule: Do not disappear to parallel universes only to return hours before the milestone is due and your part isn't done. Your teammates will have torches waiting and lit.

Second rule: If you apologize for a mistake then please learn from it. Otherwise, you should be whipped repeatedly with a wet towel.

Third rule: Don't be a know it all. We love that you have this grand design and you know exactly how it should work but, some of us didn't inheiret the psychic abilities needed to work within your wisdom.

Fourth rule: If you are one of those domineering personalities who likes to know what everyone is up to then atleast know how to be courteous and attentive. We don't want to deal with some evil overlord; we have brain too.

These are just some of the basics we wanted to relay from team experiences. We hope they bring you some shred of useful knowledge.

Coding Environments

Well, two of us used Macs, and one used windows. Squeak is a very versatile creature which we liked; afterall, it is a VM. To keep track of all the code we had one file that was kept in CVS and used in conjunction with a Squeak version control called DVS. All you need to do is file out your local changes, update, then file in, then you can file out again if necessary and then commit. Can you remember all that? Don't forget to file out first then update, in that order. ;)

Now, we trust you have your handy Squeak Book at your side...let's continue to the Cases:

Milestone 1 - The Model
Milestone 2 - The Crap Design
Milestone 3 - The Good UML Design

The Final Product

The Desktop Version


The PDA Version

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