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Justin Jackson

Name: Justin Matthew Jackson
Occupation: Code Whore
Addiction: Video Games (all)

I'm a fourth year CS Major.
I plan to work in graphics and Video games, although right now I'm working mostly in the web/databases kinda area.

Word to the Wise:
Never try this in the states cluster...
while (true) { fork(); }

Current Games Played (only online listed)
Guild Wars (Ken No Oni [A/Rt])
Everquest II (Raife [Wizard] - Venekor)
World of Warcraft ([Everything] - Twisting Nether)
Counterstrike Source

Justin Jackson (alias - gilded) [Total spam dump]
gilded@cc [Checked weekly] (GildeD spelled backwards) [the one I actually check]
AIM - GildeDMonk
Cell - 404-713-9505

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