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Questions on Summer 2004 Milestone 2

chris sidi added some questions about abstract classes (methods, making them really abstract, testing) over on the Questions on Summer 2004 Milestone 1 page. they might be work reading over quickly. -ellie

Multi-day scheduled events. Supported? Common case or rare? Discuss !
Nabil Schear

Your system can support multi-day events, but it doesn't have to. In practice they tend to be rare, which is why current time management software typically doesn't support them.


In both the book and lecture, after we brainstormed classes, we were told to filter out the ones that were for the GUI. Then we were supposed to create the CRCCards. However, it seems like all of the new objects for Milestone 2 are GUI objects, and M2 tells us to create CRCCards for each of our new classes. This seems contradictory.

Should we make CRCCards for our GUI classes?


ahh.. excellent point. we want you to have some experience making crc cards before m3 so that you can get feedback before embarking on the entire design (and before theyr'e worth a large percentage of your grade). usually there are some extra classes for m2 taht are not gui classes, but it looks like this semester there really aren't. so, here's my suggestion,
  • if you decide to make an extra class or two (some people have mentioned to me that they want to make a CalendarEvent class, for example), then draw up a CRC card for that.
  • otherwise, while it won't neccessarily help a whole lot with your design (since M1 is already done) maybe you could make a card for at least the Calendar class from M1 so that you can get some feedback. I pick this one instead of ScheduledEvent or ToDoItem because its the only class with any real meat at this point, and its the only place where I would expect each team-mates' design from M1 to vary a little bit. Perhaps you could use a CRC card for this class to help merge your designs? if you want, of course, you're welcome to make them for ToDoItem and ScheduledEvent also.
how does that sound? -ellie

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