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Milestone 6 - Matching and merging


Spring2004 M6 - Matching and merging


Reuse paid off the most here for us. Matching and merging is hard, and somebody had already solved the biggest problems of it in a way that we were allowed to borrow, so why do it on our own?


The matching algorithms were there and very similar to our own. We went down the requirements and added features that we needed for our code. This involved very few major changes, but lots of bugs came up because there code was quite complex. Alt + . was invaluable here ;).


We basically made the GUI more palattable. The merging algorithm was only lacking support for Note (because of changes we'd made earlier). What was supposed to be the hardest milestone ended up as the easiest for us, because we just had to do testing and bug fixing. As a result, our final code was pretty rebust and we already knew exactly what to show in the demo.

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