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How to Read BookMorphs

BookMorphs are the digital book and slide presentation format of Squeak. Here's a quickie description of how to use them:

BookMorphs are serialized forms of all the objects in the books. "Serialized" means that the objects have been rendered in a format that can be stored to a file and later recreated in memory with all of its connections and relationships intact. Serialization is a hard problem, e.g., what do you do when the definition of an object (i.e., its class) has changed between serialization and re-instantiation? BookMorphs do handle this with conversion methods.

One day, you'll read in a BookMorph, and it will tell you that an object has changed, and it will ask you to please either find or write a conversion method. Here's the easiest thing to do: Choose to write one. The BookMorph will provide you with a template that is almost always correct as-is. Just close the browser that pops up, and try to read the book again. It'll most probably work the second time.

But how do you create a .bo file?

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