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Los Pimps - Milestone 1

Spring 2004 Milestone 1:

The M1 code that was used for the rest of the milestones was done by Jaime Yap. We used his milestone because he made great use of pointers for family and person tags rather than just a number. This proved to be very useful in following milestones.

The goal of this milestone was to create a geneology. This was the only individual milestone of the semester. This was a very easy Milestone and it was used as a way to introduce us to coding in squeak and prepare us for the milestones to come.

The Geneology:
For this milestone we implemented 3 classes:

We were also introduced to SUnit in this milestone. SUnit is a very easy way to check to make sure your code works. Even though some people are against SUnit, it did provide a very good check of our squeak code which would come in handy down the road.

There is not much to say about this milestone besides the fact that, even though it is the first milestone, it needs to be taken seriously because it lays the foundation for the rest of the milestones to come. It is also a very good introduction to squeak and begins to familiarize with basic squeak coding styles. Do not underestimate the first milestone, doing so will make the rest of the milestones very difficult.

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