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Lab8 - Sp2000

For this lab you will need to work with your project groups from CS2340.

What we want you and your group to do is design an addition to your
Newspaper project. We want you to design a Stock Ticker monitor for the
New York Stock Exchange. A Stock Ticker is a continous live stream of
stocks and prices. Each stock has a unique identifer. The user should be
able to enter which stocks they want the Stock Ticker monitor to
watch. The monitor should record every occurance of the user specified
stocks until it is told to display them. Refer to the CNBC website for an
example of a Stock Ticker.

Extra things to include in your design: identify components that you
reused from your project, identify new components, and discuss why the
components are new or reused.

Turn in your designs to room 265 in the CoC by no later than 9:00am on Tuesday morning.

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