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LOS PIMPS Cases and Tutorials


The pimps:
Jaime Yap gtg600e
Jeffrey Rosellen gtg737e
Ryan Burke gte303z
Mike Botelho gtg878b

Our project was a multifunctional Geneology application. Here are the Milestone descriptions:
This cases page has many gems of information and actual code examples to hopefully help you out with your squeak project. Specifically, we will be going over Squeak GUI design, WebSite access, simple HTML Parsing, GEDCOM file parsing, matching/merging algorithms, Design tips, simple data structure, and general Squeak stuff.
Scroll down for the cases and tutorials!

A few screens:
person view
Uploaded Image: gengui.JPG
family view
Uploaded Image: gengui2.JPG

The BEST advice you'll ever read:

And finally, why you came here....

The Cases and Tutorials:
Los Pimps - Milestone 1
Los Pimps - Milestone 5
Los Pimps - Milestone 6
Los Pimps - Prefab Tutorial
Los Pimps - Matching Tutorial
Los Pimps - Parsing Tips

Our Turnin for our final submission.
(its the code you want):

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