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e y e l l u s i o n s


Uploaded Image: eyellusionsguiinterface.gif

Uploaded Image: eyellusionsgettingstories.gif

Ok, finally our pictures we able to be uploaded.

When selecting news sources, the first column is the categories,
the second column is the news sources related to that category, and the third column is the currently selected sources.

The first item, in the selected sources column, is the primary category selected. Deselection of sources can happen in two ways: first, by clicking the source in the third column, once, or secondly, by chosing the category associated with a source and then clicking the appropriate source again, in the same fashion as to add a source.

Please leave your comments. Is it clear how to navigate the interface? Is it eye pleasing? What do you like or dislike the most? Please post your reactions...

Team e y e l l u s i o n s.

Ryan Blane
Caleb Ho
Austin Chau
Matt Keelan


I don't get the three columns. Do I choose from things in that third column ("Currently selected...")? How do I get things into that third column?

Mark Guzdial

In order to make a choice(s) for a News source(s), there is a simple two step process as follows: 1. In the left most column, the categories, click on a category of intrest, this will then display a list of available news sources, related to the category at hand, in the middle column. 2. In the middle column, click on the source of choice which will then add the selection to the right most list.
Note: Deselections can also occur in the middle column by just clicking again upon a selected source and it will disapear from the right column.
For simplistic purposes, a single click upon a source in the third column will remove the selected source, hence that it will not be displayed in the final product. The third (right column) is only used for deselection of sources.

Ryan Blane

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