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Monkeys family

Team Members:

Seth Horrigan
Matt Nylin
Bob Thomas


If you are reading this, it is probably because you saw that this was a prefab tutorial. This would imply that you are thinking of using prefab:



The prefab architecture is quite easy to begin to use. It has a handy set-up system where you can simply place widgets then auto-generate code to build it.

Saving yourself

The part you want

We figure there is a good chance that you didn't read anything in here, but just are scanning Cases pages for code to snork. Well, we wouldn't want to disappoint you, so here for your viewing pleasure is our final turnin.
Included in the final you will find a readme explaining how to use everything as well as an ECoDE file that will explain how the parts interact; however, in case you are reading this before learning how to use ECoDE, I have included a quick overview of the parts and their interactions.
Just for reference, this page should contain the specs on the Milestones: Milestones

An important note about Squeak

The mac cluster

Exchanging code


And that's about it.

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