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Is Goldberg and Robson useful?

I have to make a decision for Summer CS2340 books REAL SOON NOW. Was Goldberg and Robson useful at all, or should I not require it anymore? Your votes would be most helpful!


Do not require it...
dont have it , dont use it

how would i know? i can't even find it anymore. hehe...

>what will it be sir?
>hair of the dog that bit me.
>bourbon on the rocks?
>that will do


Roger Norris - I haven't used it at all.
I never even bough it.
Eric Anderson - Might want to point it out for people to look at if they want, but not require it.

Stephen Bennett - The book has proven helpful a small handful of times. Smalltalk 80 catalogs core services (streams, collections, etc.) and provides technical details. This saves a little bit of aimless wandering through Squeak's poorly documented source code, and, I believe, leads to a stronger appreciation for the Smalltalk language and the vision behind it. However, it isn't worth purchasing, and I'm glad that I was able to borrow it.

What is Goldberg and Robson? (I am not joking, is that the Smalltalk 80 book?)
Shaggz Mickley - There's a book?

David Jaggie-I'll agree with Stephen. Very useful in an extremely small number of cases, and good for looking up some stuff w/o having to wade through the lack of Squeak documentation. Have a copy available somewhere, say, the States cluster, or furnish the TA's with a reference copy, but I wouldn't say it should be req'd.

THANKS VERY MUCH, ALL OF YOU! I'm making the Smalltalk-80 book recommended-only for Summer. Your advice helped alot. Mark Guzdial