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Group Members:
Henry Lander (gtg299b)
Jeremy Townsend (gtg003f)
Austin Syfert (gte294z)
Marcio DeBarros (gt4532a)


About the Code: (Summary)
The final code product was a patchwork of different programming techniques. In milestone 2, the group began by using Prefab to build the gui, but though this made the initial creation of the gui quicker the overall effect was that it took longer and was harder to get the gui up an running. The group spent countless hours getting the buttons to act the way they should, especially the scroll bars. After M2, the group decided to switch to Bob's UI. Though, this was an improvement over Prefab it still had lots of problems. Such as, the middle mouse buttons throwing exceptions and buttons not taking the focus away from text fields. Through this trial and error process of gui's, the group also improved its design techniques as the course went on. In M2, there was almost no design, but as the milestones got more complicated more and more time was spent on design. For example, M6 took more than two days to design not including the time spent in M4.

The group was formed in class with only two of the members having previously worked together. After the initial getting to know each other phase, the group meshed together nicely with group jokes being heard into the dreary night. Though there were some complications, such as a group member going to California the week a project was due and lack of instant communication (cell phone). The group overall ended on a good note.

We tried to maximize our use of scenarios and CRC cards to augment to the design of our project. I am proud to state, that our use of scenarios was so good in M4 that we did not have to redesign them for the later milestones. To support our scenarios we had a very comprehensive test plan that helped with our testing.

We created a functional tool usable by inexperienced computer beginnerís that has a vast amount Genealogical functionality. It can add and create family members and families, import Gedcom files, do local and web searches, and merge genealogies. Our Genealogy trees look really, really nice:

Uploaded Image: scr3.JPG


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