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team chemistry

What do the following two teams have in common?

Is it the quality young pitching rotations, featuring Joshua Beckett and Dontrelle Willis? Is it the fact that they are both two-time World Champions? Could it be that they both love baseball? Is it their fabulous Squeak coding abilities? While these things are certainly all true, the real key to success that these teams have in common is that they both have really old people leading them: Jack McKeon and Martin Van Buren...wait, no, that's not it. They both have ideal chemistry.

From the beginning of our project, we set out to create bonds of friendship with each other that would enhance the chemistry of our team and lead us to accomplish great things. These bonds, forged during long nights at the CoC, pulled us through Alex's unhealthy adult beverage conumption, Dano's propensity to randomly fall asleep at key points in the project, and Michel's unhealthy "Canadian issue" (yeah, we hate Canadians, what of it? MVB was an outspoken enemy of Canada). Without these bonds, our group most assuredly would have failed in its attempt to create the most phenomenal genealogy program ever (even with our astoundingly great team name, believe or not).

It is exceedingly important to have good team chemistry. Once everyone gets along, it becomes much easier to criticize each others' work and to get some of your lazier group members to stop slacking off. Just as the 2003 Florida Marlins, against all odds, bested 3 great evils (the San Francisco Giants, the Chicago Cubs, and, most evil of all, the New York Yankees) through their bonds of fellowship, so did we use our strong chemistry to vanquish CS2340. If you follow our advice, you should have no problems doing the same.

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