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The Van Buren Boys

Winners of the 2004 Martin Van Buren Award for Excellence in Team Name Creation

"We're just as mean as he was."

Team Members:


Most of the pages you'll find here in the Cases section are dry and extremely boring, telling you stuff that you already know or will hear in class (for the six people who go). Sure, they may give you some helpful hints, but by that time you'll be sound asleep. That's where the Van Buren Boys come in. We're here to provide a refreshing dose of uselful and widely applicable information mixed with a constant barrage of world-class humor. We hope you learn from our experience and decide to apply the knowledge you find here. Those who do will greatly increase their productivity on this and other group projects, while those who don't are doomed to fail.


Our code

Here is our completed project, including some example GEDCOM files and our design in ECoDE:
MVB Genealogy

To run the program, execute the following code in a Workspace:
MVBGenealogy start.

Our Process

The first and most important step for our group was deciding on a team name. To complement a good team name, an upper tier group must be in constant communication to improve team chemistry. In order to facilitate the communication process, it is crucial to have productive meetings. For all of the Milestones, we realized that working right next to each other would be the best way to make sure we would get everything done and that we could help each other out. (This system is very useful for making sure that one less capable group member – Dano – actually does something). Finally, we've heard that starting early helps, and as you've no doubt noticed, M3 and M4 are strangely missing; you may draw your own conclusions.

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