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Create a genealogy program that can import/export GEDCOM, manipulate gedcom data, view different representations, search locally for persons, search the web for persons, and merge data from two genealogies.

Group Members:
Tejesh Patel (TJ)
Nirav Shah
Jeremiah Drysdale
Sojib Jilani

Contains file in, ecode design, prefab tweaks, plus more.

See the links below for details on each milestone.

TJSN-M1 (Basic Genealogy Objects and export)
TJSN-M2 (Initial GUI - Edit Genealogy data)
TJSN-M3 (Initial Design)
TJSN-M4 (Import Genealogies and multigeneration views)
TJSN-M5 (Local and Web Searching)
TJSN-M6 (Merging Genealogies)


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