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Here you'll find information on our project, milestone by milestone. Most is boring, and a lot is repeated but theres a gem hidden here and there. Hope this helps some one.


On Squeak
Squeak likes to freeze and crash. If you or your code generates a freeze, press Alt + . . Save often, save often, save often. There were a couple of times when we lost more than an hour of work because squeak felt the need to crash.

Expect squeak not to work. There will likely be a couple days during the semester when squeak just doesn't work, despite no changes being made since the last time you used it. Theres not really much you can do expect try and work around it by using another computer. Don't trust squeak at all. This semester will probably be an exercise in patience for you before you, you're putting a lot of faith into a crash prone system, and large portions of your grade rely on it. Have fun.

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