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Group Members:



About the Code

The Code has 5 main .st files


Since three of us had worked together in CS2335, we knew each other's coding habits and dependability. We had the same group leader that lead us in CS2335, and it worked great for us. Having a good documentation manager is also equally essential since one person can make sure all the eCode files and stuff are complete. The project specifications were clear enough to divide the work into parts and get done with it easily.
Remember: No matter how good your design is, it will only succeed if you have a good and motivated team!


Having good scenarios can at times be very helpful in visualizing and walking through all the important aspects of the code. To support our scenarios we had a very comprehensive test plan that helped us test our code.


We created a tool over the course of the semester that had the functionality to store and change genealogical data. Our software provided graphical representations of this information, supported local and web search, , parsing files in a standard genealogical information format, and provide users error checking and identificaiton of duplicate information.


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