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Genealogy Project Overview

We were given the task of designing an application that would allow users to manipulate the information inside of a genealogy
they had created. This application, creatively enough, was called our Genealogy Project. Some of the functionality that was desired of this application included:
A link to the full list of project milestones will explain in detail the requirements of the project here.

We believe that we were successful in this project because our tasks were divided fairly evenly among all of our group members and we stayed in constant contact with each other either physically, or through AIM. We felt that it was important that each member knows what he is responsible for, and that a carefully planned design was adhered to very strictly. We made it a point to plan our design out together AS A TEAM and then follow that design, letting other team members know when a design aspect had changed. For the most part, our team was separated geographically, and we met only twice a week to discuss any design changes we felt were necessary. The separation problem was solved through our use of AIM and email to talk about design issues and planning any actions needed to be taken. Our team leader, Scott was very helpful in designating responsibilities and getting our team to cohere into a working entity.

Some advice for future teams when working on large projects:

A word about Bob's UI:

This is a change set that is available here that was really helpful in our GUI design. It includes numerous classes for creating text boxes, input fields, pulldown menus, graphical lists, buttons, and other gui related stuff. We also found Bob's UI to be much easier to work with than Prefab, the other Squeak UI builder of choice.

Now, on to our specific cases pages:

Our M3 Cases page Designing the whole thing
Our M4 Cases page Reading GEDCOM files and providing multi generational views
Our M5 Cases page Add search functions and automatically gather genealogical information

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