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Project Overview

Our semester long assignment was to design and implement a Genealogy Application which would allow users of the application to:

In the beginning...

Coming into CS2340 you are probably comfortable using many languages
including Java and C. Our team came in with a wide range of
experience in Basic, VB, Java, T-SQL, J#.NET, C++, C, VB.NET,
C#.NET, etc. Whatever your programming background, you will more
than likely find Squeak difficult at first...or all through the
semester. Squeak is untyped. The documentation for Squeak is
sparse to non-existant and where it does exist, it is often
incomplete or ambiguous. The most helpful resource that our team
found are the CASES page. Hopefully our cases will be useful to you.

We named our application "Genealogyville." The name was inspired
by a drawing made by A.J. in Paint during some "down time." To
see the image click the link.geneologyville.bmp


Uploaded Image: PrimitiveFailure.JPG

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