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Goo Times Inc

Let the Goo Times roll......

Well, here's ours, for what it's worth.
And of course, we are:
Shaggz Mickley
Tony Homier
Marc Berhault.

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The basic intro. Nothing too fancy. Hit select sources and away you go...

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And a nice selection of grey/pink buttons. Very....decko? ( is that even a real word? )


What happens if I want to get both CNN and BBC World News? And CNN Business, too, but it's not my primary category? Also, can I select multiple of these at once? (Art Deco is a phrase :-) Mark Guzdial

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Oh, oh, you can get both world news selections if you want to. There's nothing stopping you. In fact, you can get everything from every source all at the same time. However, your primary category ends up determining what filler stories we'll give you ( in the event that there's not 20 pages worth of relevant news for the day ), as well as the relative important each type of news is given ( i'm not really sure how that's going to end up, it doesn't really work well right now, you end up getting a bit of a mess of extra stories from your primary cat sources. -Shaggz

I thought that the primary news source was used only for determining what is put on the front page of your newspaper.?? Jennifer Raccuglia - Well, as a contingency plan, wouldn't be kind of nice to have a whole slew of extra stories on hand if the only news for the day is about the amazing hair style sported by Jim Greenlee? -shaggz

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