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ECoDE Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my text not saving?

In comment or description fields, we require that you submit changes (alt-s in windows). This is a little hidden in ECoDE because I wanted to be consistent with the way Squeak works in a browser window (using the submit key-combination = "alt-s" on windows). In retrospect, I should have also supported the warning message when you close the window in addition to a "save" button on the screen for visual users. Please take this as a learning experience for your own projects and forgive me for a less-than-perfect UI in this respect.

How do I select existing responsibilities to assign to my Scenario?

Responsibilities are the key components tying the analysis-time concepts together (CRC Cards to Scenarios to Goals). In each analysis-time view, you can not only define new responsibilities, but you can also select responsibilities that already exist from othe views. Figure 1 shows this menu option in a Scenario:

Uploaded Image: selectExistingResponsibility.gif

Figure 1  Select an existing responsibility in a Scenario.

When I import classes, how do I also create Analysis-time CRC Cards and responsibilities automatically?

The list views for classes and methods each have context menus as shown in figure 2 (right-click in windows). Note that you cannot create a responsibility for a method if the class does not have a CRC Card yet.

Uploaded Image: createCRCCard.gif
Uploaded Image: createResponsibility.gif

Figure 2  Create analysis time CRC Cards from design-time classes and analysis-time responsibilities from design-time methods.

The layout of my diagrams is being reset every time I save/load. Is there a way I can save my layout?

Saving the layout is not part of this release. Adding this feature would not be compatable with your current designs, so we will have to live without saved layouts for this semester (sorry for the inconvenience). The only way to really save the layout is to never close ECoDE or load a new design. You could save it with your image in the short-run (thus saving the layout). In the long run, however, changes will have to be shared with other group members (thus forcing a load). Please do not turn in a project or image file just to save your diagram layout for the TAs.

I am trying to have one parent class with several child classes. How do I do this in ECoDE?

The way in which generalization works in ECoDE may be counterintuitive to some users. The reason for this is two fold:
  1. UML in general is confusing, because the generalization arrow points at the parent class.
  2. ECoDE supports the UML arrow idea, so you have to start dragging from the child-class to the parent class.
While ECoDE is trying to be consistent with the standard designers idea of generalization, it is not always intuitive to students.
Figure 3 is a picture of inheriting from the same parent class twice.

Uploaded Image: inheritance.gif

Figure 3  Two child classes inherit from a common parent class.

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