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spring 2004 midterm - 1: chris hunt

1. (10) History of OOP

A) (5) Matching

Kristen Nygaard - (B) Simula 67
Edsger Dijkstra - (D) None of the above
Ivan Sutherland - (C) Sketchpad
Alan Kay - (A) Smalltalk
Adele Goldberg - (A) Smalltalk

B) (5) Wat was Xerox PARC's greater goal?

(Note: I graded the entire answer here instead of breaking it into parts.)

5 - Mentions Dynabook specifically or has a near exhaustive amount of descriptive information re: Dynabook.

4 - Does not mention Dynabook specifically but does mention some sort of personal computing and their teaching and usability goals (children, etc.)

3 - "Personal Computer"

2 - OOP language paradigm shift and the spirit of PARC's goals.

1 - Otherwise relevant information not listed above.

Graded by Chris Hunt

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