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spring 2004 midterm - 7: jonathan

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  1. The above implements "classesThisTerm" and "studentsEnrolled" by polling all the departments. In order for this to filter out the correct results, however, each class must know what term it was offered and each student must know whether they are enrolled or not.
  2. An alternative way to solve the "classesThisTerm" and "studentsEnrolled" problems is to create a direct link from the registrar to the appropriate classes.
  3. The "Section" class was not strictly required, but does model the problem more effectively. Likewise, moving "isRequired" and "preReqs" to the Course puts these responsibilities where they makes the most sense.

Grading Breakdown

SymbolDescriptionWorth Points
MIncorrect or missing multiplicity specification(-1 per instance) max of 2 points
VIncorrect or missing navigation(-1 per instance) max of 3 points
CMissing or incorrect "Course" classup to 4 points
CSCourse does not know the studentsup to 3 points (-2 if you have a "roll" attribute but no navigation arrow
RSRegistrar does not know the enrolled studentsup to 3 points (ok to go through the departments
RCRegistrar does not know the classes offered this termup to 3 points (-2 if you can navigate there, but cannot identify just those courses offered this term
"Section"Bonus if you implement a Section class+1 (the final grade cannot exceed 18)
"Prereqs"Bonus if you implement prerequisites properly in the Course object (you must have a self-referential relationahip)+1 (the final grade cannot exceed 18)

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