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Spring2004 Midterm Review: History of Object Systems

1. A Graphical object oriented system. That was developed by Ivan Sutherland at MIT in 1963.
2. A simulation program developed in Norway in the 1960's.
3. Sketchpad - Ivan Sutherland
Simula - Norweigen's (Kristen Nygaard & Ole-Johan Dahl)
Smalltalk - Alan Kay, Dan Ingalls, Ted Kaehler, etc..
4. Sketchpad and Simula laid down the foundations for objects and Alan Kay brought them together to form Smalltalk.
5. Xerox PARC sent out samples to HP, DEC, Apple, IBM, and Tektronix.

also from simmilar questions on the midterm last year: -ellie

4. And Smalltalk is the basis for Squeak, as well as the language that Squeak was written in.

Squeak is written in Squeak, & Smalltalk is more than a "basis" for Squeak. Squeak is more of a variation/type/implementation of Smalltalk in a simmilar way that RedHat is a type of linux. Does that make sense? -ellie