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Table 14


Andrew Sayman
Keyur Vimawala
David Wharton
Phu Chieu Le: 


We were to design a genealogy application that allowed one to manage individual information, their relationships, import/export these relationships to GEDCOM, search through the individuals on locally or on the web, and match/merge different genealogies.


Most of team suffered from a lack of Squeak knowledge, a lack of time to work on Squeak, or both. This led to the logical conclusion that we should focus on reuse a great deal. This simple idea became the cornerstone of our project, and was the only reason we were able to meet all of the requirements for this assignment.


This page will focus on four of the milestones, and the major accomplishments/failures of the milestone.

Milestone 3 - The Design
Milestone 4 - Read GEDCOM files and provide a multi-generational view
Milestone 5 - Searching and automatic information gathering
Milestone 6 - Matching and merging


Chosing to adopt The CS Majors as our code base and develop from there was a great decision. Some of the design ideas they had lost us a few points because we couldn't correct them, but this was not a major loss. If I had to go back, I would do it the exact same way, because learning from them was invaluable. It would have been a shame for us to reinvent the same wheel they had.

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