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Spring2004 M4 - Read GEDCOM files and provide multi-generation views

It is now time to begin working with larger genealogies than can be conveniently constructed using an interactive interface. The availability of many genealogies as GEDCOM files will provide you with the data needed to take the next step in constructing a useful genealogy manipulation tool.

Here is what you need to do:
  1. Add the ability to read a GEDCOM file like the ones you already can generate. Reading a GEDCOM file should create a new Genealogy, so if you write out a GEDCOM of one Genealogy and then read it back in, you should have two distinct but identical Genealogies. This situation obviously implies that you need to add something to your user interface to deal with the existence of multiple Genealogies. You don't have to support every GEDCOM tag by having a slot for it in your Person and Family objects, but you should have some way to perserve all of the information that was in the file. That is, when you write out what you have read in, no information should be lost.
  2. Add the capability to select a single individual as a focus and, using a graphical (Morphic) user interface, display the stored information about this individual plus a multigenerational view of his/her ancestors and descentants. This display must include:
  3. Your interface should make it possible to edit information about the selected individual and about the displayed family. All of the capabilities required for M2 must be available through this interface.
  4. Extend your SUnit tests for everything added in this Milestone.


A single zip file containing all your design documents & code (.ect design and .txt/.doc/.pdf materials and .st, .cs or .pr file) should be turned in on the cs2340turnin coweb: This file should be submitted to the coweb before class (noon) on March 25.


(NOTE: In order to help your TA evaluate your submission, include a summary of updates to each of the deliverables.)

Note: If the TAs can't figure out how to do these things, they don't have to give you the points. The UI must be usable.

Questions on Spring2004 M4 Milestone

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