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Randy's Schedule

monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday
9:00 Revolutionary Europe Revolutionary Europe Revolutionary Europe
9:30 Revolutionary EuropeBus. ProcessRevolutionary EuropeBus. ProcessRevolutionary Europe
10:00 office hoursBus. Process Bus. Processoffice hours
10:30 office hoursBus. Process Bus. Processoffice hours
11:00 ta meeting
11:30 ta meeting
1:00 Research Meeting
1:30 office hoursResearch Meeting
2:00 Comp. Perceptionoffice hoursComp. Perception Comp. Perception
2:30 Comp. Perception Comp. Perception Comp. Perception
3:00 HCI HCI
3:30 HCI HCI
4:00 HCIHCI MeetingHCI
4:30 HCI Meeting
6:00 Busy
6:30 Busy
7:00 IEEE Robot Meeting
7:30 IEEE Robot Meeting
8:00 IEEE Robot Meeting

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