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Spring 2004 Team Declaration Page

Teams cannot be changed. If you have questions, you must email ellie@cc or your TA.

Use this space to declare your teams.

Strobel Owns Your Family

Go Patriots


We'll decide on a name later

TJSN Tentative

Monkeys with Typewriters

The Van Buren Boys

"We're just as mean as he was."

No Use for a Name

Message Not Understood

Four Dumb Guys

Code Dependent


Rat eaters


Tainted Kernel

Back Row Boys

Takin a Coredump


Team Ownage

Team Wookie

Cap'n Crunch and the Cereal Killers (tentative)

Untitled Team


Table 14

The Big Bang

The Official Ellie Harmon Fan Club!!!1

Procrastination Station

Team 65

Team Name Pending

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