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Chris Wells

Hey. Anybody looking for someone who is hard working person looking to make an A im that guy. I won't create the most amazing program ever but it will look very nice and (hopefully) be error free. If you want to get an example of the code I've written I would suggest looking at the scrabble applet I wrote which is on my site.

Let's see im a sophomore CS major, 20 years old from Fayette county GA. Along with this class im taking CS 2335, CS 2340, Phys 2212, and Math 3012 so its going to be a fun semester :P. So anyone looking for a group member in CS 2335A I would be interested in joining.

Well on another note intrests i have include music (mainly rock and alternative), video games (not surprising for a CS major), movies, making games (havent finished any yet), [adult swim], and skateboard a little (im not that good but i can do a few tricks). Anything else you want to know you can either visit my site or email me at or im me, my sn is TheTrueCoolness. Well thats about it so if anyone needs an extra group member I'm a pretty reliable person who gets things done.

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