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Movie Reviews

What's the movie to absolutely see, or completely avoid, that you've seen recently?

Kill Bill

this movie will absolutely rock.
David Carradine, Uman Thurman Darryl Hannah, Lucy Liu,
Samuel L. Jackson, Sonny Chiba, etc...
All bow before Quentin Tarantino!

The Majestic is absolutely the worst movie ever. Even for those to whom rank cynicism comes hard, this movie must seem hopelessly derivative, contrived, manipulative and, finally, insulting.


Lord of the Rings quickly became one of my favorite movies of all time. A word of caution though. Usually this is a bad idea but in this instance I recommend that you read the books before seeing the films. You just get so much more out of it when you are aware of what's supposed to be going on.

dude, lord of the rings ruled!

Eh, LOTR was okay. It definitely wasn't as good as the book, but then it had to be difficult to translate Tolkein's HUGE descriptions on budget. ;-)

Clockwork Orange – very nice

Oldie but goodie: The Princess Bride
"My name is Iningo Montoya..."
Michael L. Mitchell

In my procrastination I'll give a review for Black Hawk Down. Good movie, even though I don't like war movies so much. But for goodness sake guys, don't take a girl on a date there, definitely depressing and violent. But a well done movie nonetheless.

Episode II was better than episode I...yoda with a lightsaber...enough said.
Don Norbury

I just saw Bourne Identity. It's a really good one. Hopefully I can make it to Minority Report to compare the two.

According to what I see above, It seems that this page hasn't be updated in a very long time...... ha ha ha ha ha ha....... Now to business, to the individual above that had something to say about Kill Bill....... No one needs to "bow before Quentin Tarantino!" !!!!!!!!!!!!! This guy just has a weird, and mess up way of telling a story.... I haven't seen Kill Bill, but if it is similiar to Sin City and Pulp Fiction (in the way it is presented; different individual characters stories going on at the same time and jumping from the future to the past, vice versa) then Kill Bill should be just as weird as these two movies; which I did see (Note: the only good thing about Sin City are the they are HOT!!!)
Now, to my movie review:

Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith:
5 out of 5 Stars
Excellent movie with great drama, effects, the "whole nine yards"
Watch it..... you'll enjoy it
NOTE: I am a Star Wars fanatic.... therefore, this review may be considered a little bias...... nevertheless, this movie shouldn't get anything lower than 4 out of 5 Stars by any critic

This review was written on August 23, 2005 by Jimmy M. Espana's CS 2340 Homepage

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