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Spring2004 M3 - Design the whole thing

Time to design the whole project...


Teams must turn in a detailed design and group plan THROUGH THE REST OF THE CLASS (i.e., through M6). We are requiring the use of ECoDE for your designs. All the information on ECoDE including download and manual information can be found here: Spring 2004 Ectropic Design. ECoDE supports object-oriented analysis, object-oriented design, and code generation/importing. You can save your design (.ect file) in order to turn-in much of your design for this and all the remaining milestones. The following is what you should turn in:

We expect the design to evolve over the following weeks, but we want to see that you've thought through everything UP FRONT.


A single zip file containing all your design documents (.ect design and .txt/.doc/.pdf materials) should be turned in on the cs2340turnin coweb: This file should be submitted to the coweb before class (noon) on March 2, 2004.


Questions on Spring 2004 Milestone 3

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