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Lab 6 Questions

Are the prices for masterpieces in auctiondata.txt in dollars or thousands of dollars? As dollars the Masterpieces/works are valued at less than $1000 but Others end up close to a cool million.

Jared Lessl

So, does this mean that we MUST follow the design printed with lab6 over our own design, even though this new design makes no sence?

Here are my questions:

Is the ArtGallery empty upon creation? Are the only paintings in there the ones OO actually purchased?

Yes. Jennifer Brown

Gallery has the methods medium? Are we to assume that EVERY method will be called in that order to add a painting? Otherwise how do we know which painting in the gallery those methods are refering to?

When a painting sells, do we remove it from the gallery? Or just note that it is sold.

Note that it has sold and update the nessary information. i.e. who bought it, whats their address, and what did it actually sell for. Yes, those methods will only be executed in that order if the painting is bought.
Jennifer Brown

I sincerely hope that there will be very loose grading of these labs becuase the project is so poorly defined. I must also add that it's unfortunate that these are due during spring break when we are supposed to be on break. And we can't finish early becuase the description is so weak.

Gary Herndon

Due date was changed. Go back and look at an updated version.
Jennifer Brown

Ok- I was wondering if anyone else has noticed an error in this lab. The last lab said the file would contain the type of work the painting was (masterwork, masterpiece, or other)- or so it appeared. But this lab has an auctiondata file which does not include the type of work anywhere. How are we to calculate maximum prices without knowing what the type of work is? It says that paintings will be of one type or another- but we're never actually given that information- except when we run the buyPainting: method. Is this where we get it from- just search through the file for a painting by the same artist? or what?
If you re-read the specification for lab 5, you'll get your answer. Matthew Wolenetz

And if this is an error, can this be corrected soon? Spring Break is this weekend and since the lab is due on this Monday (of a break...) and since not everyone will be here to work on it can this be looked into very quickly?

OK- also... if all the person enters to determine if a painting is to be bought is a type and an artist- don't we need to wait until after he inputs the rest of the painting's information to determine the max price? At least for a Masterwork since it requires the painting's date of work? For an Other painting we would also need the height and width of the work.

So- when should we display the maximum price to buy the painting at- before he inputs actualPricePaid? should there be another method in the code to be executed before actualPricePaid that will display the max price to be paid? And if the program says to buy the painting should we assume that the painting will be bought no matter what?

Shaun Morber

No mention is made of a target selling price in the "correct" design. This appears to contradict the original specification. What do we do regarding a "target selling price"? I have to say that this design, although simpler to implement than my own, has many limitations. I mentioned in class that my team's design took us many hours to derive. Does the supplied "correct" design exhibit the level of detail desired from our own lab 5 designs? Matthew Wolenetz
No, we wanted a detailed design for lab 5. We gave you a short design description for lab 6 so that everyone would be starting from the same place. We didn't think it would be right for one group to code from an incorrect design, while another coded from a correct one.
Jennifer Brown
Much better to give everyone an incorrect design so that it is all perfectly fair, just like it would be in the marketplace. Oh wait... that's communism (and we know how well that works).

(Sorry... don't take it personally... I'm frustrated because I could be doing some real coding instead of this silly half-baked pos project. :-)
Stephen Bennett

Matthew Wolenetz We are having great difficulty deciding how to implement the required classes for this lab correctly with the given instructions. It would be EXTREMELY helpful if a TA answered the following questions that Stephen posted to the cs2340 newsgroup:

Stephen at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlant


in the lab 6 specs, it has the following example code to be executed if
a painting should be bought:

gallery artistFirstName: "string".
gallery artistLastName: "string:.
gallery paintingTitle: "string".
gallery paintingDate: "number formatted like: yyyy".
gallery classification: "string".
gallery height: "number".
gallery width: "number".
gallery medium: "string".
gallery subject: "string".
gallery purchaseDate: "string formatted like: mm/dd/yyyy".
gallery sellerName: "string".
gallery sellerAddress: "string".
gallery actualPricePaid: "number".

why does the gallery do the above? aren't those attribs of a
painting?? shouldn't the painting be created ( with above calls to
painting, not gallery ), then added to the gallery's collection?

They are attributes of the painting. You are going through the gallery to set them, because Osbert works in a gallery, not in a painting.
Jennifer Brown

[[also, Stephen asked in a subsequent post: or should the above really be one message with all painting attribs, unlike the above many individual attrib messages??]]

also, from specs:

"After the above lines have been executed, a message should appear on
the Transcript, telling Osbert
the maximum amount he should pay for the painting. If he buys the
painting, the following will be...."

how do we know if he buys the painting? the buyPaintingType: messsage
doesn't have an offering price...?

any clarifications would be great. thanks


in the specs:

gallery buyPaintingType: "string " artist: "string formatted: first name
last name" height: "number"
width: "number".

the above will print up the maximum purchase price for a painting. but
for a masterwork, we need the year it was done ( century ), but that
isn't given until AFTER the maximum purchase price figuring:

gallery paintingTitle: "string".
gallery paintingDate: "number formatted like: yyyy".
gallery classification: "string".

so....... what should we do? we need information not given until after
the painting price has been figured.

also, are we to determine the maximum purchase price ONLY from the
buyPaintingType: message? so, we only have the type, artist's name,
height and width and that's it? it seems like we need more info than

thanks in advance...

Any TAs care to address the above questions before Wednesday? Thanks.

Nick Michalko

why not take the entered information from the user and parse the information that corresponds to the matching painting - use parsed info from the auction.txt file to figure out the maximum price?

This does not match the original specs. i.e., a Masterwork is NOT a Masterpiece, so it shouldn't have an entry in the auctions database (that ONLY contains Masterpiece listings...) Are we to blatantly disregard the requirements for this lab? Matthew Wolenetz

The ArtGallery will contain a collection of Paintings. These Paintings can be of the type: Masterpiece, Masterwork, or Other. Each type of Painting will know how to determine if it should be bought or not. If it should be bought then it should be added to the collection. If it should not be bought, then don't add it to the collection that the ArtGallery has. Please refer to last week's lab for the details that each will need.

According to the above specs, the painting should know if it should be bought. However it doesn't even know what the asking price is. Should this read "The painting knows its maximum purchase price."

Jim Holland

Yes, you are correct. That is what it should say.
Jennifer Brown

To determine the price of a Masterpiece/Masterwork, it is necessary to get the price of the most similar work. There are a few of issues with this:
1) The date of the painting is needed for the Masterwork. Therefore I added "date: 'string in the format yyyy'" to buyPaintingType:. Is this OK?
2) Do we compare the work to the data from the text files, or to the paintings already in the gallery? We cannot create paintings from the text files and add them to the gallery because they contain insufficient information.
3) The only data we have available about the "new" painting at time of comparison is the artist's name and the painting's dimensions. Therefore I assume that "most similar" means the closest in size, correct?


Answer to 1. Yes that is fine as far as I can see.
Answer to 2. I don't fully understand this. What information do you need that you don't have?
Answer to 3. Yes the "closest" painting you have with the same name.


Okay some people have asked me what time the lab is due tomorrow. Well last I heard it was due at 11:59 pm on wed 15th.

I don't understand the final part of the lab. We can store the paintings and get prices, but what do we need to do with sold part. Do we need to remove those paintings from our list? or do we just add those attributes to our " record " of the painting?

Cheyenne Throckmorton

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