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Questions on Spring 2004 Milestone 6

Requirement 5 states that "the user has to be able to ... discern ... which nodes are from which Genealogies ..."
By "node" do you mean a person or do you mean a person's attribute? Since a merged person can contain information from both genealogies, if "node" means a person then we must be able to show that the "node" is from two genealogies. If a "node" is a person's attribute then each "node" can only originate from one genealogy.

Colin Minihan

I meant the entire person when I wrote it, but you have a good point. You may choose to illustrate a merged person with a mixture of attributes either way that works best with your interface. Rich LeBlanc

Requirement 3 states that we must "provide the ability to automatically compare two maps."

In the instructions there is no mention of "maps". I am guessing that you are using the term "maps" interchangably with "genealogy". Am I correct?

Colin Minihan

Yes. Rich LeBlanc

I just wanted to point out that the Rome-Douglas link is not functioning correctly.

Still not operational - Seth Horrigan

if you replace the underscore with a space in the addy it should work

I've now fixed the file name and reloaded the file. I had not noticed that there was originally a space in the file name, which gives the coweb trouble. I have fixed the name and reloaded the file, so you can get it easily file. Sorry for the problem – I should have tested the download when I originally attached the file. Rich LeBlanc

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